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Place of birth- why we need to improve
  • Lizzy Bonney
Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
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Lizzy Bonney
Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
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7.9% babies are born preterm per year. It is well described that extremely preterm babies born in a high activity tertiary centre with a NICU have a better outcome but despite this only 72% babies are born in “the right place”. There are challenges in both maternity and neonatal services due to problems accepting women for in utero transfer, prediction of preterm birth and neonatal cot capacity. This article describes these challenges and how we can resolve them by working together as perinatal teams.

Peer review status:POSTED

12 Nov 2020Submitted to BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
20 Nov 2020Assigned to Editor
20 Nov 2020Submission Checks Completed